Legend has it that Yester Castle in East Lothian, Scotland has a supernatural past that you can visit, if you are brave enough.

While the majority of the castle is in ruin it is still worth taking a wonder round. But it is the subterannean chamber that most people come to see.

Dating back to the early 1200’s, Yester castle is a monument bathed in history but it was in the 14th century that the strange stories started. That was when Sir Hugo de Giffard was in control of the castle and as a reputed necromancer and warlock his legend has lived on.

Built beneath the castle and accessible by a narrow path with a steep drop off is the famous ‘Goblin Ha’ or Goblin Hall. Boasting one of the oldest Gothic stone arched ceilings in the world, Goblin Ha is in remarkably good condition and the rumors of how it was built could be the reason. It is said the Sir Hugo de Gifford or the Wizard of Yester as he was sometimes known, summoned demonic beings or goblins to help in the construction of the hall.

With a creepy atmosphere and a staircase that leads down even further before being blocked off (it is said it was the entrance to hell, blocked off by scared locals) it is the ideal spot for a bit of ghost hunting.

Strange lights are rumored to have been seen at night, accompanied by strange sounds but that could just be the locals with people camping there on occasion.

It was easy enough to find as we parked at the Castle Park Golf Club (it is always polite to ask if it’s ok) and they directed us a short walk along a country path, over a field and into the top corner of the golf course. We could actually see the ruins from there making it easy enough to get in.

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