Toru Iwatani was born on the 25th of January 1955 and is best known as the creator of Pac Man and Pole Positions.

Iwatani was born in the Meguro ward in Tokyo, Japan. He is completely self taught when it comes to computers and in his early life received no professional education in programming and design.

He joined computer game design company Namco in 1977 and designed a game called Pakku Man with Shigeo Funaki (舟木 茂雄) a harware and cabinet designer and Toshio Kai (甲斐 敏夫) a composer. The game was released on the 22nd of May 1980 in Japan and received an overwhelming reaction So much so that US arcade game manufacturer MIdway bought the rights to release the game in United States under the name Pac Man.

Pac Man is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the game that has had the most "coin-operated arcade machines" installed worldwide standing at a staggering 293,822.

Toru Iwatani also made a cameo appearance in the Adam Sandler film Pixels playing himself.

During his career Iwatani has been involved in the creation of many games including:

Gee Bee - 1978 - Designer
Cutie Q - 1979 - Designer
Pac-Man - 1980 - Designer
Pole Position - 1982 - Designer
Pole Position II - 1983 - Designer
Libble Rabble - 1983 - Designer
Pac-Mania - 1987 - Director
Quester - 1987 - Producer
Pac-Man Championship Edition - 2007 - Project Supervisor

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