The Necropolis Vampire

The Vampire Who Roams the Resting ground of over 250,000 souls


    In 1840 the Glasgow Southern Necropolis was opened. It is the resting grounds for more than 250,000 souls. There is an old folk tale that on a dark, dusky, evening in 1954 a policeman is called to the Necropolis. There were reports that state the cemetery had hundreds of kids in it. The policeman would turn up to find hundreds of kids, armed with sticks, knives and other forms of weapons. When the Policeman asked what they were doing they told him they we're hunting a 7 foot tall Vampire.

    The vampire was blamed for the disappearance of two local children and even though records at the time showed that no children were in fact missing the rumor took off and swept the area. Luckily no children we're ever found to be harmed. The Police blamed a recently released American comic book for the hysteria. Locals said the kids may have confused  an old hag that went by the name of 'Jenny Wi' the 'Airn Teeth' with a vampire that was inhabiting the graveyard.

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