The Boggart of Boggart Hole Clough

A Dark Creature That Lurks The Marshes of Boggart Hole Clough


    Boggart Hole Clough is a 190 acre urban park in Blackley, Manchester and although the park itself has some beautiful features it is said to be haunted by  dark creature called The Boggart.

    A Boggart is a spirit that frequents fields and marshes but it can also make it's way into the homes of nearby people. It is said that Boggarts are mostly mischief makers and mean people no real harm. There are tales of them turning milk sour and making personal belongings disappear but some of them are blamed for the abduction of children.

    There is a story that has made its way amongst locals that a farmer and his family where harassed nightly by The Boggart and had to flee their home. They returned to Boggart Hole Clough having realised that The Boggart followed them wherever they would go.

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