This Banksy work feature two young children playing with a "No Ball Games" sign. The mural appeared in Tottenham in 2009 but in 2013 a private firm, The Sincura Group removed the artwork. They stated that they were going to help preserve the artwork which had been defaced several times and would be displayed at exhibition before being auctioned off. The profits would go to a local childrens charity.

This was not the first time The Sincura Group had removed a Banksy piece.

Some of the vandalism attempts where committed by King Robbo who Banksy was feuding with at the time.

This upset many of the locals. Mrs Cooke, of Cooke Estates stated:

"Everybody knew it around here and went to have a look at it. It was a little iconic bit of Tottenham," she said. Now it's going to be famous for being a place where a Banksy was once."

Even the local council held a poor view of the removal, Haringey Trades Council secretary Keith Flett said: "The Banksy was an important cultural feature of the area and if it has been removed it will be another indication that local people's wishes come second to the interests of profit."

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