This work first appeared in Brighton in 2004. It is seen to be a taunt on the police and on homophobes as Brighton is known for its large gay population. The piece was sprayed onto the side of the Prince Albert pub.

The "Kissing Coppers" has been vandalised many, many times and in 2008 the Prince Albert Owners called in a specialist art restoration company. They used chemicals to transfer the image onto a canvas and the original work was replaced with a facsimile which was then encased in perspex. "I don't think we are cheating people," said pub owner Chris Steward. "Maybe it's a little bit misleading but it's 80{60011fedb1c13d02c106d76af9adc0351bb80e8f56f1d87775a60d7731d10a5e} a Banksy, just the stencil's been done by somebody else."

In February 2014 the Prince Albert owner decided to have the piece removed and sold at auction and sold the piece to a private collector in Miami for a sum believed to be in excess of $500,000.

As with most sales of Banksy's work residents and art enthusiasts in the local area believed that the work belonged to the people of Brighton and were against any private sale. Steward stated "When he put it on the pub it belonged to the pub and, if it is sold, all the money will go back to the pub, It is very difficult to just keep the pub going, so a little break from that would be very welcome."

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