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Want to contribute to our Pop Culture Map.

Do you know some awesome film, television, comics, art, books or just plain old weird trivia. Then we want to know it too and so do all our other users. We are mad for facts. Sign up today. It only takes two seconds and follow this really simple guide to writing the perfect Pop Nonsense Map post, that way our community can bask in the glow of your knowledge and you can get a warm fuzzy feeling by contributing.


Listing Name

Make it interesting, we love a pun. The title you choose should be creative and engaging. Try to write something that will grab the reader’s attention.


Tell us exactly what it is. Who is responsible and when it happened. You can also add in a little teaser about what is coming up next but don’t give too much away.


This is where you can really have some fun and let your inner geek fly. Give us the trivia! Let the reader know exactly what is going down and let them soak up all that pop culture knowledge like a sponge.

Make sure your post is specific. If you are writing about a set location for example then write about the specific place in question. We all know a lot of the original Ghostbusters film was made in New York. We want to know what scene was filmed where. As specific as that.

Keep on point.

Of course you can give us some history of the place or event.

Of course you can tell us why this place is special.

Let us know what is there currently.

If the place was used for filming in the 1970s what is it now.

We need to know!

But…keep it on topic. You can add as many posts as you like so if you feel you are starting to stray away from the subject at hand then feel free to start a new post. The whole idea is people get their desired knowledge in bite sized, visual and engaging chunks. There is no need to worry about word count. It’s all about quality over quantity.

If you have any articles to support your claim then add them in to. You can even link to your own blog post if you want. If you do link to your own blog then do us a solid and give us a link back.  It's one of those lovely Do Follow link as well.

We're not stupid. We will put your post into Google and we will find out if it's just a copy and paste job. 

Listing Category

Your post can come under more than one category. For example if you are writing about “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” then your piece might fit under both the Film and Book categories and that’s all fine and dandy. Just make the categories relevant.  


You can add the location either by using the address or by using longitude and latitude. Some places won’t be recognised by our mapping systems because they are so far of the beaten track (ahem…Game of Thrones) but it will recognise geolocations. You can find these coordinates by doing a quick google search. Every listing must have a relevant location added to it otherwise what’s the point in it being a map?


Be over the top with your tagging. For example if you are writing about Christian Bale then tag in as many of his films as you can. That way if someone is looking up “The Machinist” your post will be there front and centre ready for brain digestion.


Try to use images of your listing in its Pop Culture setting

i.e the film or television scene and it’s real life use.

For example the firestation in Ghostbusters. Let us see it in the film but lets see what it’s like in real life too. Try to use more than one image and remember the first image you upload will be the featured one at the top.


You can add in a video by copying and pasting a YouTube URL in here and it is as simple as that.


Click the “Preview” button when your fished to see what your listing will look like if it goes live. 

If you want to make some changes you can click “Edit Listing” to go back and change anything you’re not happy with and if you think your post is perfect then hit the “Submit Listing” button to send it on for verification. 

We reserve the right to dismiss any listing we don’t see as fitting or if the information isn’t 100{60011fedb1c13d02c106d76af9adc0351bb80e8f56f1d87775a60d7731d10a5e} accurate we might make a few changes before making it live.

Thanks for adding to our map and may the force be with you.


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